pop-up tipis

Need a simple pop-up solution for a 'one-day event' or a long summer of glamping?
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A Pop-Up Canvas Tipi ...

is ideal for the following situations. If you need:


  • Original, easy to install, affordable accommodation for a test season

  • Shelter to run outdoor workshops or a stand at an outdoor show

  • A funky space to hold social gatherings

  • If you need a unit that will fit in the car and can be easily erected yet

  • Will be dry and spacious enough to suit your above needs.  

pop-up Tipis 

For the outdoor accommodation, recreation or education industry

Simple solutions for your short-term accommodation needs, our pop-up canvas tipis can be erected by one or two people in around twenty minutes.  Although simple and quick to install with their single central pop-up pole, they are however durable enough to last a whole season of glamping use.  With a hole for a flue kit, these units can be used throughout the year if needed.  A detailed specification can be found below (added soon).

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Please email us on hello@timbatipi.com with your query and we will respond within two hours.

Natural, Quality and Easy to Set Up

Combining the ethos of natural materials and quality finishings,  our pop up Canvas Tipi has a built in ‘bath-tub’ thick ground sheet, meaning even standing water can’t get in.  We do however recommend putting these tipis on decking to extend the life against the British climate, if you are planning on leaving them up for a few months.


canvas pop-up tipi spec

  • 5m diameter
  • sleeps four
  • wood-stove compatable
  • super thick built-in ground sheet
  • more specs coming soon

Designs coming soon




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