T I M B A   L O N G H O U S E

Timba Longhouse glamping unit

LongHouse is the Big Brother To Timba Tipi, coming in at a spacious 6m x 4.5m of internal space.  You can shorten or add to the length to suit your requirements.  Ideal for glamping accommodation, a workshop, classroom, reception lodge, playbarn, shower block or kitchen diner, this unit is insulated to 100mm and stove ready making it suitable for year round use.

Double door and two windows are included, you can have some say in where these are placed and whether you want glazed doors or solid wood.  The internal walls are clad in simple wood planking as above.

The roof can be made from either slate or cedar shingle and the apex stands approx 4m high, for the walls choose from either waney-edged larch or wiggly tin (corrugated steel) giving it a funky industrial rural look.   Price inc delivery and installation on site, of the 6m x 4.5m model is £14,000 plus v.a.t, there is an option to pay 5% vat on these units, rather than the usual 20%.  Email us on hello@timbatipi.com to find out how.

T I M B A   T I P I


Timba Tipi is available in two sizes and a choice of two roof and two wall finishes.

The six sided shape means the internal diameter is 4.8m across one axis and 4.4 across the other on the smaller size and 5.8m (5.4m) on the larger Timba Tipi.

External dimensions, including the overhang are about 5.3m x 4.8m on the smaller tipi and 6.3m x 5.9m on the larger tipi.

Height is approximately 4m.   Drawings available soon.

Price for the Timba Tipi 4.8m is £14,000 plus v.a.t, including delivery and installation on site.

 Timba Product Range

View the Timba Product Range below. More variations coming soon.

Four key materials:

  1. Real Slate
  2. Waney Edge
  3. Wiggly Tin
  4. Cedar Shingle

across three units

  1. Timba Tipi
  2. Timba LongHouse
  3. Timba Wagon (coming soon)



Four Easy Steps:

  1. Choose your units
  2. Pay your deposit
  3. Pay your balance
  4. Delivery and Installation on Site.

Order your Timba with a 50% deposit today, the balance is payable just before delivery, allowing you to split the payment into two manageable chunks.  Pay the deposit and balance by either credit card or bacs.

If you are ordering two or more, you may pay in three interest-free instalments, by either credit card or bacs.

Looking to create your own village? If you are looking to purchase three units or more you may pay in three interest free instalments, by eithe credit card or bacs. 




Remember Timba Units Are:



  • Original in Design – Who Wants to See Another Pod?

  • Affordable, Compared to Similar Sized Units.

  • Clad Internally and Externally with Natural Materials

  • UK-Made – No Import miles.

  • Guaranteed Workmanship

  • Come with Structural Engineers reports

  • Wood Stove Ready

  • ‘Tweakable’ Designs

Timbatipi product range